Monday, November 20, 2006

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

I`ve catched up on my sleeping & I though I should catch up on my blog now instead of reading "The Scarlet Letter" or "To the lighthouse" (I have been neglecting my blog during these intense period of studying, so I don`t feel that bad about keeping my books waiting).

There`s one thing that`s been on my mind now for quite a while & I`ve thought about writing about it, but haven`t had the time or the energy to do it. I read Anna`s post about Extreme Home makeover & there were a very interesting discussion in the comments... One of the points brought up was whether or not it is just a big commercial program & I`m curious to hear what you think. Is it a show where loving, caring and generous people help others or are thhey generous because it`s good PR?

Personally, I like the show. I`m touched by the stories of the families who are helped & by the kindness that people show them... (I usually watch the show with tears in my eyes)

Here`s links for those of you who also enjoys the show:
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Dave said...

Comments about the show - well, I write from a unique perspective in that I volunteered as a photographer for the episode that aired last night (Nov 19th.)

Because the show airs in a 1 hour time slot, there's really not enough time to do the human side of the project justice. From my interactions & observations of the cast (Ty, Ed, Paige, Michael, and Preston)and production crew, they're all genuinely invested in what they're doing. Tack onto that the hundreds of volunteers who worked tirelessly to bless the Koepke family, and it's an experience I'll never forget.

Lisa said...

A local family had their home made over and the response from the neighbors regarding the crew and volunteers was really positive. Even if it's PR, I think it's wonderful to see some positive things on tv so I can live with that. :)

Good to see you. I know you're studying hard and I think of you and miss you. Wish I could bring you yummy study foods. lol

For the love of country said...

I'm so happy to read the post from Dave above, that was just how I felt it seemed to be when I wrotew my post. :) Hope you have time to relax and not just study honey! Kram! Anna

iHanna said...

Sears and ABC might only be in it for profit, I'm sure, but the crew has lots of heart and love. I like the show, but if you sit down to see a home decoration program, you've just to look elsewere. The Extreme Makeover is not about the house, but about the cry-your-eyes-out-story! :-)

Sometimes that is great, sometimes it is just not interesting. Then I rather just enjoy Äntligen hemma! hehe.

Vintage Wine said...

Thank you for sharing your opinions on the subject!

And thank you for your nice comments! It`s been a buzy couple of weeks but it`s getting better now :-)

Lisa said...

I hope you're not working too hard!! :)

cityfarmer said...

I do enjoy the show...the families are so special and so needy!!!