Monday, February 05, 2007


Cottage living has a lovely & inspiring photoalbum with lots of photos. I would like to live in a small but comfortable space & I would prefer a cottage instead of a big mansion.

If I would live in a cottage of my own, I would like to live in a pretty little cottage. Imagine a nice hallway to walk in to. A place to sit when you take off your shoes or if you just want to relax a bit after a long walk.
The kitchen is the heart of the home, therefore it would have to be something special. A place to make tea for friends, cook dinner & bake muffins. A breakfast nook where I could enjoy a breakfast in the sunlight on a summers morning or with some candles on the table during the darker months of the year. Of course, a platerack, shelves & some kitchen storage would be needed as well.
If the kitchen is small, a dining area would be a good idea.
After a long day we all need some relaxing. I would like my livingroom to be a comfortable place where I can cuddle up under a blanket and where there's room for my books, my crafting & lots of magazines. Perhaps some extra storage would be needed in the livingroom as well.
A good nights sleep is very important and the bedroom have to be a pretty one.
Other features that would be nice to have is for example a sun porch.

Someday I want to have my own cottage!


Mrs. Staggs said...

Someday you will, and it's going to be lovely!
Hope your week is lovely too!

Kate said...

That cottage is lovely, it was definitly cozy. I want one too!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, they look so fresh and pretty. I'd love a real Englishy cottage, which are quite different to these pictures more cosy, low celings, know.

Let's hope our cottage dreams come true one day :)

cityfarmer said...

Let's all of us cottage girly girls pool our money and buy a all day, write, paint, eat, drink, blog, and just live happily ever after.

Kali said...

You will have your own beautiful cottage one day E!
In the mean time it is so much fun to dream and plan for it.
Have a wonderful day my friend! :)

anneli said...

Jojo, en liten cottage skulle inte sitta helt fel....
Men jag är rätt nöjd över att det är fredag och att jag haft lite tid över att kika runt bland mina favvobloggar (och det var länge sedan kan jag berätta). Så nu önskar jag dig bara en riktigt härlig helg!

Julie Carobini said...

The kitchen and bedroom are to die-for!!!

For the love of country said...

Så mysiga bilder du länkar till! Hoppas du får dig en söt cottage en dag! :D Ha en fin dag gumman!

Elizabeth said...

It's fun to dream up a little cottage isn't it? My essentials would be a wide porch, a porch swing, and a white picket fence with cimbing roses on it. (And a big laundry room and a butler's pantry with a special cabinet for hanging tablecloths wouldn't hurt:))

Vintage Wine said...

Mrs Staggs, I hope I will :-)

Kate, thank you for stopping by here!

Sarah, I know what you mean and that sounds like a very nice cottage too ;-)

Cityfarmer, yes! Let's do that!

Kali, yes dreaming is fun too :-)

Anneli, tack. Och jag vet vad du menar, det är ett enkelt nöje när man får tid för sina´favorit bloggar.

Julie, aren't they? And imagine a cottage like that on the beach :-)

Anna, tack vännen.

Elizabeth, that sounds lovely! I want that too ;-)

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Anonymous said...

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