Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lots of colour

I've got a thing for porches and outdoor furniture right now. But I guess it comes with the season :-) Even though I prefer white furnitures I still want other colours to go with all the white. And I think the porch or the garden is the perfect place for some bright colours. Some of my favourite colours right now are lime, turquoise, pink & blue.

Here's one of my old photos from Rosendal's garden. Even they like some colour in the garden :-)


rowena said...

What delightful photos! I agree, white is nice but with summer, it just feels right to have a splash of color lending gaiety to a perfect location. Is it any wonder that I love to serve watermelon in white ceramic bowls... ;-?

Jenni Lee said...

Love the color of the house!
I agree I love to have color around me esspecially bright colors it put's me in such a good mood.

Vintage Wine said...

Rowena, I know! I love to use the colours of the food & the plates :-)

Jennilee, yes isn't it pretty? I thought you like it since it's pink ;-)