Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Summer jewellery

Finally I've had the time to do be creative. Feels good! :-) One of the things I've done recently is this bracelet. I love the different colours, especially the different shades of blue which reminds me of the sea. Isn't it amazing what an effect colours have on us? I feel like smiling each time I look at these blue, green and gold colours.

Another thing I've suddenly got the time to do is reading. Well, I've been reading a lot this past couple of months but not reading... You know, sitting in a comfortable place and reading a really good book just for the pleasure of it and not because you have to read it. It's even better if the book gives you a nice summery feeling. A feeling of sand, water and icecream.
Too bad Julie's new book "Truffles by the Sea" isn't out yet ;-) Can't wait for it to arrive!


Cleo på Inredningsbloggen said...

Absolutely beautiful! Verkligen jättefint, vilken talang!

Jenni Lee said...

Wow your blog is amazing, I love it!
You have done a great job!
Do you mind if I add it to my Blog?
I will be checking your blog when I get a chance.


Deb said...

Elisabeth, those bracelets are beautiful! So glad you have time to craft and read ~ enjoy!

Vintage Wine said...

Thank you so much everyone :-)