Sunday, December 17, 2006

Almost ready now

I`ve made all my Christmas cards and I`ve sent them as well. I`ve bought almost all my Christmas gifts and they are all wrapped up. I`ve baked Christmas cookies and thankfully, there`s still some left for Christmas Eve (I`m not entirely responsible for the disappearance of the cookies, I`ve had a lot of help).
I`m almost ready to celebrate Christmas now. Are you ready for the holidays?


Mrs. Staggs said...

No, I'm not even close! I still have a lot of baking and some shopping to do. A little more decorating too!
Happy Early Birthday!

autum said...

I'm not anywhere near ready. I wish I was. Good for you, now you can enjoy this week before. Happy Birthday!!

Lisa said...

I have not really even started. I made some cookies but I took them to a party and left them with the hostess along with the tin I put them in (as a thank you for hostessing). I have bought only one gift and it isn't here yet. lol I think I need a Christmas miracle this week. :)

Yay for you being ready..even with all that studying! Merry, merry Christmas to you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sort of ready, though I've not wrapped all my presents yet :)
Sarah (Mrs Blythe)

cityfarmer said...

Tomorrow is designated for cooking and light cleaning...with just a few small other errands...I'm so excited for this Christmas, with a new soon to be daughter in law and all.

We'll chat soon...tomorrow posting pictures of my house outdoors..