Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

When I look back at this past year, I feel pleased and very grateful.
I'm grateful that it's been a healthy year for me and all my loved ones, and I pray that the next year will be so too.
I'm grateful for old and new friends. This year I've not only had many good times with my old friends but I've also found new amazing friends. Unexpectedly enough, I've found so many wonderful and kind friends through my blog and that is something I really cherish.
I'm grateful for so many things but I'm most grateful for these.
Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog!
I wish you a safe and happy new year & may all good things come to you!


anneli said...

Tack för din hälsning!
Jag önskar dig också, ett riktigt Gott Nytt År!

lazylol said...

Happy New Year!

For the love of country said...

Gott Nytt År! Tack för i år! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Hope you are truly blessed n 2007 :)

I am so grateful for so many things too.

Hugs n' happiness to you!


Julie Carobini said...

Happy New Year! Love seeing all the comments in another language--even if I can't understand them LOL

Here's to a peaceful and prosperous 2007, Vintage!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Happy New Year!
I hope the new year will bring you all good things.

Lisa said...

Happy New Year Elisabeth. I'm so happy to have met you this past year! I look forward to 2007.

cityfarmer said...

It will pay off to be so thankful!

Glad we're friends.

Deb said...

Happy New Year Elisabeth. I hope it's a healthy and happy one for you!

Kali said...

Dear Elisabeth ~ wishing you a wonderful 2007, and also belated birthday wishes! xox

Vintage Wine said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments! They mean so much to me!