Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My favorite things

Lisa assigned me the letter L so here`s my 10 favorite things beginning with L:

1. Love. And I don't mean only love for a boyfriend/girlfriend or /husband/wife, even if that love is amazing and wonderful too. But I also mean love for other people, love for friends, love for the things we enjoy the most doing and love for God.

2. Laughter. I think it's important to laugh and I really appreciate the people who makes me laugh out loud...

3. Literature. Even since I was a little child I've loved reading. I love the feeling of being totally focused on the story and how the character's soon begin to feel like old friends... Even though I'm assigned a lot of different books in my literature classes and we're discussing the great novels of our time, I still enjoy stories beginning with Once upon a time... Some of my classmates only talks about the writings of old French and Russian authors and it`s almost like they`re forgetting that it should be fun and relaxing to read as well. Whenever I read something that`s not on the literaturelist for the course, I don`t want to analyse and think to hard about the plot or the motifs or who's the antagonist... I want something that leaves me with a good warm feeling inside when I'm finished reading.

4. Letters. E-mail is much quicker and much easier but even so, there's something special about receiving an good old fashioned handwritten letter.

5. London. My favorite European capital. The streets, the houses, the pubs, the underground, the people... I even like the weather with it's rainy days.

6. Lakes. I like the peacefulness of sitting down by the shore and looking at the waves... It's far from peaceful to ride a snowmobile over a frozen lake in the winter but just as much fun!

7. Libraries. The smell of old books, the quietness and bookshelfs full of books makes the library a perfect place to read and study. I guess this one is connected to nr 3 and my love for Literature...

8. Languages. One of the things that fascinates me most about languages is how the ability to speak and understand a certain language brings so many wonderful opportunities. Opportunities to learn about other cultures and opportunities to communicate with so many wonderful interesting people...

9. Lángos. A delicious Hungarian speciality. It's yummy and if you haven`t already tried it, try it!

10. Late nights. It's so quiet and peaceful at night and I sometimes find it easier to be creative at that time of the day. And besides, it's always comforting being inside looking out into the dark night and knowing that I can just stay inside where it's warm and cozy... Somehow, having late night conversations with good friends are also very comforting and sometimes also very funny. The topics you come up with when everyone is a bit tired and everyone has turned into an amateur philosopher is sometimes the most memorable!


Lisa said...

I love this list. I think I may print it out (when I finally go get printer ink) and save it. It makes me feel warm and cozy just reading it. I really enjoy your way of looking at things and seeing what's truly important and memorable.

Anonymous said...

Love your list Elisabeth :) I agree with all your choices, except Langos, and that's only because I've never tried it. Hugs.

cityfarmer said...

I LOVE # 10

lazylol said...

great list - I was also thinking that could be my list too (except number 9 which I haven't heard of before)

norththreads said...

Hello Again!
Thanks so much for commenting with your Christmas wishes! Merry Christmas to you & your family too! Now that I found your site again I will re-add you to my links! I lost you somewhere when you changed-over!